How Do Dentists Feel About Natural & Organic Toothpastes?

Natural and organic toothpastes are growing in popularity as consumers look for an alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS), flouride, glycerin, and other chemically-created substances. But are these toothpastes safe and effective? Do dentists recommend them?

Many dentists do recommend organic products. For example, Tom’s of Maine became the first American Dental Association (ADA) approved natural toothpaste over twenty years ago. The ADA seal of approval shows that the toothpaste is safe and effective.

There’s even, an organization that encourages dentists to choose green dentistry products, innovations and manufacturers.

In addition to natural and organic toothpastes, there are mouthwashes, dental floss and more. There are mouthwashes that use witch hazel as an alternative to alcohol. There are also many specially formulated pastes like plaque fighters, pastes for sensitive teeth and gums, and anti-cavity formulations that use green tea, aloe vera, and natural sources of fluoride. There are even formulations made from clay, salts and essential oils. Many dentists believe in the natural, wholesome ingredients found in these products, but for most dentists, the ADA seal of approval is the true test, whether on natural, organic, or primary dental products. That seal shows that the product has been through rigorous testing and has passed the test to be recommended to patients as clinically beneficial.

If you are interested in a natural or organic toothpaste, look for the ADA seal. It will show you right away that dentists approve the product. You can also talk to your dentist about others without the seal that you would like to try.



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