How to Remember Important Dental Advice

An interesting article appeared recently in the medical journal “Patient Preference and Adherence” that might be an interesting read for patients, and could be a game changer for dentists. The authors, researchers from the Dental Institute at King’s College in

New Research on Fear and the Dental Drill

New research from Japan is finally shedding some light on the way dental fear actually works in a patient’s brain, and what the results say about dental drills may be surprising . Here’s an overview of how this knowledge changes

Don’t Let Your Child Inherit Your Fear of The Dentist

Previous posts have mentioned dental fear while covering other topics in depth. However, one thing that many patients don’t consider is how younger patients develop a fear of the dentist. While there are many reasons for dental fear, and often younger

California Dentists and Prescription Painkillers

There are many interesting, lighthearted topics to discuss as a dentist. However, one topic that is coming up often in the news affects dentists in a unique way: the rise in prescription opiate abuse. The American Dental Association recently held

Three Things You Can Do Today for Your Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth and the pain associated with such sensitivity affects roughly 37.5 million Americans, according to the latest studies. While sudden sharp pain in a single tooth in response to hot or cold stimuli could indicate a need for urgent

Family Halloween Movies That Need a Dentist

Halloween is a fun time to sit back and watch a festive movie that the whole family can enjoy with just the right amount of innocent spookiness. However, characters like mummies and vampires often don’t have the kind of oral

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Hello. This is John Sinclair, DDS, dentist in Petaluma. One of the most common questions I get from patients and neighbors is, “Is tooth whitening safe?”. Yes, it is safe. The type of bleaching that you will get in a

Solutions For Tooth Sensitivity At The Gum Line

This is John Sinclair, DDS. I’m a general dentist in Petaluma, California. One of the questions that I get asked a lot is about tooth sensitivity right along the gum line. That is usually caused by a little bit of

What Can Be Done With A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth?

Hello. This is John Sinclair, DDS. I’m a dentist in Petaluma, California. A frequent question that I hear is, “I chipped, cracked, broke my tooth. What can be done?” Many times, a tooth can be fixed in one appointment, if

Top Five Most Expensive Dental Materials

Current estimates suggest that approximately 10 percent of female dental patients and five percent of male patients are allergic to one or more of the components found in a nonprecious alloy fillings, such as tin or copper. As a result,