What Was The First Ever Recorded Dental Procedure

Have you ever sat in a dentist’s chair, wondering where it all started—where dentistry began? What was the first dental procedure anyway? Although the Sumerians and Egyptians wrote about tooth decay and toothache remedies as early as 5000 BC, the

Things To Do In Petaluma California In The Spring

Spring is here! That means warmer weather and lots of sunshine! Here are some of the fun activities that Petaluma has to offer, so you can have fun in the beaches, redwoods and wine country of Sonoma County. History Lovers

What Is Nanotechnology in Dentistry?: Dental News

Nanotechnology is about creating materials at the nanoscale—a nanometer is a billionth of a meter! It is hard to visualize how small this really is! Deliberately creating materials at the nanoscale means that engineers and scientists can enhance properties on

Tooth Decay: Are Your Teeth Under Siege?

Each time you eat a sugar-filled snack or drink a sugary drink, your teeth are under siege. According to the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), 92 percent of adults aged 20 to 64 have had cavities! We

The First Recorded Medical Procedure

What do you think the oldest recorded medical procedure is? Dentistry? Caesarean section? Amputation? Nope, none of these. The oldest recorded evidence of a medical procedure is for trepanation, a form of brain surgery! The word’s origin is Greek, from

The Surprisingly Colorful History Of Toothpaste

The Egyptians are credited with the invention of toothpaste, but it was nothing like our modern formulations. Imagine a toothpaste made of dried iris flowers, mint, and crushed rock salt, all mixed together as a cleaning powder. While this concoction

Smiles So Bright You’re Gonna Need Shades Or Not

“The smile is the window to the soul”, or so the saying goes. We all want to have bright white smiles. Think about how different someone looks when they smile instead of frown. However, the day to day routines that

E-Cigarettes: What Does Your Dentist Say?

Many people are giving up real tobacco products and instead using e-cigarettes as a better, healthier alternative. E-cigarettes have no tar, no odor and no secondhand smoke, so they definitely offer a healthier alternative in those respects. Regarding dental health,

Pass The Time in Petaluma: Great Things To Do

It’s 2017 and spring is almost here, so we thought you’d like to know some of the fun activities that Petaluma has to offer. There’s so much to choose from because, being in Sonoma County, we’re near the beaches, redwoods,

Long and Colorful History of the Toothbrush

What if your toothbrush was made of gold or porcupine quills? Thankfully, we have plastic toothbrushes now, but the first known toothbrushes were made of odd materials like the ones just mentioned. Excavations in Mesopotamia date back to the time