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5 Odd Tales About Famous People And Their Teeth

We’re all familiar with George Washington and his wooden teeth, but people throughout history have been using dental work as a way of modifying their appearance for years, and choosing to avoid it. 5 Odd Tales About Famous People And

Cool Facts On Medieval Dentistry

You might wonder if a smile was held in esteem in the Middle Ages. Did people care about their teeth? Absolutely! Literature shows that white teeth and dental health were very important to medieval people, and definitely held in high

Ingenuity and Practical Application: The History of the First Root Canal Instruments

The story of the very first root canal instruments like the ones we use today possesses something of a legendary status among dentists. It’s the kind of story your professors in college like to tell novice practitioners due to the

Dr. Neanderthal DDS Performs Prehistoric Dentistry

Neanderthals are usually depicted as club swinging primates that used grunting as a form of communication. They aren’t often credited for their medical knowledge. However, a recently released study shows us that we may have given Neanderthals a bad rap,

Mistakes in Dental History

Today’s dental history tale is about mistakes in dental history. The path to dental care as we know it today was not a smooth one. The 18th century provides several examples. America may have won the War for Independence in 1776,

The First Dental Drills Are Over 14,000 Years Old

Most people dread it when they hear those four little words from their dentists: “You have a cavity”. Why? Because it leads to drilling and most of us don’t relish that thought. But imagine a world without modern dental technology. Were

Let’s Make An Impression: History Of Dental Impressions

When was the last time you had one of those ooey, gooey dental impressions? Perhaps your dentist made a mold, or maybe your orthodontist needed one. First Ever Dental Impressions The idea of making dental impressions dates back to the

What Was The First Ever Recorded Dental Procedure

Have you ever sat in a dentist’s chair, wondering where it all started—where dentistry began? What was the first dental procedure anyway? Although the Sumerians and Egyptians wrote about tooth decay and toothache remedies as early as 5000 BC, the

The First Recorded Medical Procedure

What do you think the oldest recorded medical procedure is? Dentistry? Caesarean section? Amputation? Nope, none of these. The oldest recorded evidence of a medical procedure is for trepanation, a form of brain surgery! The word’s origin is Greek, from

The Surprisingly Colorful History Of Toothpaste

The Egyptians are credited with the invention of toothpaste, but it was nothing like our modern formulations. Imagine a toothpaste made of dried iris flowers, mint, and crushed rock salt, all mixed together as a cleaning powder. While this concoction