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6 Detrimental Effects Alcohol Has on Your Teeth and Mouth

Alcohol consumption has become a regular characteristic in our society. Whether you’re enjoying a few beers while watching the game or throwing back cocktails at a holiday party, it’s generally accepted that drinks will be available at any celebratory event.

Pufferfish and Humans Share Same DNA for Teeth

Pufferfish have a unique dental structure that is not found on any other type of fish. Mature pufferfish have four dental plates at the front of their mouth; two on top and two on the bottom. This structure is commonly

Dental News: The Connection Between Childhood Tooth Decay And Yeast

Your toddler should have regular dental visits, and here’s why. More than one-third of all toddlers in the U.S. are affected by a serious form of tooth decay characterized by yeast and bacteria combining to form a biofilm that coats

Dental News: Better Detection of Oral Cancers

Oral cancer can go unnoticed for years. The cancer starts in the mouth and looks like one of those small ulcers we all get from time to time. The area is typically painless and difficult or impossible to see; you

The Latest, Greatest X-Ray Technology

Like most, you probably dread those fun bitewing x-rays where you have to hold the little film card in your mouth and bite down while the dentist takes an image. You might be in luck because there are new x-ray

What Is Nanotechnology in Dentistry?: Dental News

Nanotechnology is about creating materials at the nanoscale—a nanometer is a billionth of a meter! It is hard to visualize how small this really is! Deliberately creating materials at the nanoscale means that engineers and scientists can enhance properties on

E-Cigarettes: What Does Your Dentist Say?

Many people are giving up real tobacco products and instead using e-cigarettes as a better, healthier alternative. E-cigarettes have no tar, no odor and no secondhand smoke, so they definitely offer a healthier alternative in those respects. Regarding dental health,

Dental Lasers For Detection of Tooth Cavities

“Come back next week and we’ll fill that tooth”are the dreaded words none of us want to hear. Early detection is critical for any disease, and that certainly applies to cavity detection. Cavities are typically detected at a late-stage which

Candy That Stops Cavities: The Future is Here!

The field of inventing has finally reached the moment we’ve all been waiting for: candy that is good for your teeth. While we can only hope that flying cars and time travel are next, this is definitely a moment to

New Research on Fear and the Dental Drill

New research from Japan is finally shedding some light on the way dental fear actually works in a patient’s brain, and what the results say about dental drills may be surprising . Here’s an overview of how this knowledge changes