Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring

Cosmetic Dentistry ptownWhen you were 12, you chipped your front tooth after a fall to the pavement. Ever since then, your smile just had not quite been the same. Even though those who love you tell you it has character, you are desperate to fix it. After doing some research, you have discovered the art of tooth reshaping, also known as dental contouring. However, you want to know what all the pros and cons are before you think of having this done. In this article, we will discuss just how dental contouring works along with the pros and cons of the procedure.

Tooth reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedure that can remove small amounts of enamel from your teeth in an effort to change the shape of your teeth. This procedure is often paired with a technique called bonding which shapes the teeth with tooth-colored composite. When a dentist is met with a patient who wants this procedure done, the first thing that happens is an x-ray to make sure the teeth are healthy as the process involves abrasion techniques.

Once the teeth are deemed healthy, the dentist will use a pen to mark the teeth and determine what should be sanded away. The next step is the sanding process, used to smooth out any chips and reshape the teeth to a more uniformed, even look. Finally, the teeth will be smoothed out and polished.

Some advantages to dental contouring include the painlessness. Having this procedure done does not painfully affect your teeth as only enamel on the surface of your teeth is removed. Also, the procedure is roughly inexpensive, costing from $50 to 300 per tooth, and can be a less expensive alternative to braces. However, there are some cons involved in tooth reshaping.

First, the change in your teeth can be very subtle because the procedures eliminates only small imperfections. You are also at risk of tooth damage when undergoing this process. The more enamel that is removed, the more sensitive your teeth get, and when there is too much enamel removed from your teeth it can cause them to break.

Tooth reshaping is for those who only want a small amount removed to give then a more even smile. If your teeth are unhealthy, however, then this process would not be right for you. If you are considering tooth reshaping and dental contouring, be sure to speak to a professional who can help you get the results you desire without risking your teeth.

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